Phil & Chris

Our Story

Owners Phil and Chris are living their dream, having grown up in a small town in Michigan to now running a nostalgic sweets shop in Wyandotte, Michigan. Sweet Arrangements, often lovingly referred to by patrons as 'Disney-esque' or 'Willy Wonka' inspired, is thriving within the local downtown community. Like the Shoppe’s legendary sweet treats, all the vibrant and bubbly interior decorations are hand-crafted DIY projects. As Phil likes to say, ``there's a little piece of his heart in every aspect of the Shoppe.`` The whole store is intended to mirror a step back in time, transporting customers to the carefree, happiness of childhood.

The history of Sweet Arrangements is about as charming as the shop itself…

In 2003, husbands Phil and Chris opened the now nostalgic Candy and Dessert Shoppe as a tasty arrangements and gift baskets company. While the gift baskets remained a permanent fixture on their list of legendary products, the rest of their famous treats and bakery items wouldn’t be added for another couple of years.

In 2008, Phil and Chris decided to move their shop’s location after nearly closing the physical store and moving online. But Phil wasn’t quite sold on the idea just yet. He arranged to see a new business building not far from their current address. And after a 20-minute long wait, he was informed the new building had already been rented out. So, he left and continued down the road. Little did he know, that closed opportunity would open a brand new one.

While walking down the street, Phil happened upon another local candy shop. He went in, checked it out, and spoke with the clerk for several minutes. Two days later, the owner of the local candy shop found Phil at Sweet Arrangements and asked if he would be interested in buying the candy store. Not wanting to pass up this golden opportunity, Phil and Chris made the purchase, and the nostalgic sweets shop you see today began to grow.

After that, a plethora of vibrant new treats and mouthwatering desserts were born. Self-taught businessman, entrepreneur, and now baker, Phil got to work inventing sensational creations. Taking inspiration from their childhoods and their loving pet Golden Retrievers, Phil and Chris launched homemade brands like the well-known Krazy Poppin’ Korn, Three Bears Fudge, and Kookie Bandit Cookies.

It’s no surprise the business continued to grow. In 2020, Phil and Chris upgraded once more to the building they’re in today. The new location, a former coffee shop, was situated in the perfect area—right along the river in downtown Wyandotte. The two-story space gave them room to add an array of exciting new products, plus an event room to host baking and cooking classes for kids and families!

Over 18 years, Phil and Chris have built a business that’s captivated their local neighborhood. Invoking a warm, vibrant, and pleasant atmosphere, it’s impossible not to feel instant happiness when walking through the door. From rainbow shelves full of jellybeans, saltwater taffy, and cotton candy to friendly customer service, Sweet Arrangements can make you feel like a kid again!