Our Fundraising Opportunities

Are you looking to raise money for a group or organization? We offer fun, enjoyable fundraising opportunities that bridge the gap between your affiliation and the local community.

We've helped several downriver groups raise money for clubs and organizations that many young adults or volunteers hold near and dear to their hearts.

One of our last partnerships was a local Marching Band, which had over 150 neighborhood students. We've also partnered with a nearby Parent Teachers Organization (PTO) group, that had over 350 students involved.

What we do is provide professionally made fundraising guides to each student or organization member. Those students or members then take that guide around their neighborhoods and sell the listed products for two weeks. After two weeks, the order guides get turned back into us and we have ten days to fill the orders.

All the products used to fill these orders are made fresh specifically for the fundraiser, with only the best ingredients. We offer ten of our decedent Three Bears Fudge flavors and six delicious Krazy Poppin' Korn flavors.

The best part is you as the organization get your cut of the profits right from the start! Don't worry about waiting for a check, the money comes directly to you, and you just pay us our half of the cut.

Contact Sweet Arrangements today to learn more about our fundraising opportunities!