Nostalgic Candy


Take a stroll down our nostalgic candy lane and reemerge with your favorite treats from years past. Do you remember eating Mary Janes, Licorice Ropes, and old fashion Orange Slices?  Or maybe you recall grabbing a handful of Rock Candy, Necco Waffles, and Saltwater Taffy at the local candy shop?

We carry all the above, plus a plethora of other old-time favorites. Our shelves are filled to the brim with wax bottles, Cotton Candy Buttons, Razzles, Chuckles, and Candy Cigarettes. Whatever you’re hoping to find, we’re sure to have in store.

We hear customers all the time say, “I can’t believe you carry that!” Our nostalgic candy collection will take you back in time, reconnecting you with your favorite childhood memories.